Peppers Taco and Wine Bar Outdoor Seating

A Destination

Peppers Taco & Wine Bar isn't just a ordinary restaurant, it's a destination to enjoy, eat, have fun, and share some laughs. We will treat you with our best effort and make you feel at home. Your satisfaction is our goal!

Enjoy Authentic Traditional Mexican food at the best price. We offer soups, salads, sandwiches, Mexican, beer and wine. Go ahead, take a bite out of a taco, each bite will have a satisfying crunch inspired by Mexican culture. It's that good, we guarantee it.  Experience fresh flavors in every bite.

"Life is like a taco, it's filled with plenty of great stuff, but can fall apart at any moment. So savor each bite!" 

Burrito Bowl Salad

Our burrito bowl salad features crunchy lettuce, with a light chili lime or cherry habenero dressing of your choice. 


A toasty croissant served with eggs, bacon, home fries or toast, and fresh juicy fruit. All breakfast items include complimentary coffee.

lemon & strawberry tart

Need a special dessert arrangement for your occasion? We have it covered for you. We catered these sweet little treats for a Mother's Day party, and it was a favorite for many. So why not, give us a try for your celebration!